Monday, May 12, 2008

Mom's Day

The waffles came out perfect.

The weather behaved beautifully, regardless of the weatherman's prediction of clouds and rain.
The walk along the river was gorgeous and a bonus trip to a photography show was a treat.

The front porch is open for the season and knitting was accomplished.
The yarn for this has been marinating in my stash for quite some time. It's Jaeger extra fine fingering weight merino. It's going to be a button front vest. If my camera took closeups better I'd zoom the detail in the center. It's a slip stitch pattern with a row of burgundy and a row of navy with each row's color extending into the next every 5 sts. I steeked everything. Neckline, armholes (which have already been cut) and obviously the front which will be cut later. Mom is new to steeking and could not grasp the concept of the neck and armholes. After snipping (a painful process for her to watch.) she was amazed. "And the ends just curl right in!" It is pretty cool. The bands will be done in the accent colors. Very fall-ish.

She's a fairly new sock knitter and whipping them out like candy. She was taught to knit socks as a kid. Took her 3 years to finish a pair back then and couldn't wear them. Kudos to my teaching skills I guess.

And how angelic do these two look!? They posed themselves. A perfect mother's day gift.

"Honest mom, we don't know WHO made a hole in the porch screen. Must have been the cat next door. He's ALWAYS causing trouble."

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