Thursday, May 22, 2008

Let's Go Back To The Captain...

My, my that last post was a tirade wasn't it? I admit it, sometimes people just suck the life out of me. I regroup quickly and move on. It's all good.
Knitting has been stalled to socks only of late. I have a cotton sweater that needs blocking and buttons, a vest that has been snipped of steeks and needs button bands. While I'm on that, tacking down the steek edges was tedious and unsatisfactory. How can I change that? I don't like the finish and I usually cover with grosgrain but there are so many steeks in this project I've stopped looking at it. Not good. I have a rule, no new large projects before the last is complete and I've already broken that rule with the lack of finish between the cotton cardi and the vest. Thus the reason for socks only. And by the way, these socks (donated sock yarn)are for the Oncology Unit at the local hospital so I de-guilt myself. They're for an excellent cause and not for moi. I tried something...I tire of self striping yarn so used a slip stitch pattern and found that it made an interesting blend of stripes. Every 4th stitch extended into the next row.

The under side of the foot (toe up method) shows the normal stripe pattern.

Unfortunately, I didn't take a pic of the sock before I was ready to turn the heel. Hee, Haw! The slip stitch pattern shortens up the length and made the toe end curl up! The bottom of the sock was a good inch longer than the top at that point. I should have seen that coming sooner but chose to not pay attention. Just knit, knit, knit, happy as a clam. After I stopped laughing I ripped back to toe and started again. Plain vanilla self striping sock. And yes, the pattern would work fine for the all around leg area. It would be quite squooshy. Why didn't I? Who knows.

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