Thursday, August 14, 2008

Every Bit of Progress is Somethin'

A tiny bit of the other sleeve emerged yesterday and a tiny bit of quilting was done. Summer is winding down in Western Massachusetts, you can feel it. Some of the maples are beginning to turn though we won't have stupendous color until the 2nd week in October. These maples are just over achievers. I have very young squirrels playing outside my office window that should probably start thinking about storage. Maybe they know I'll bring them something when snow hits the ground like I did for their folks. I consider it payment for a spring and summer of entertainment.
A whole evening to myself! Waahoo! Oops, now I said it and the forces that throw crap at me will kick into gear. I'll probably have to go to the composting dump to get rid of grass clippings or something as revolting.

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