Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Warrior

I work with my hands all the time. Apparently working the muscles in the same direction. Except for NOW. Hand quilting uses hand a finger muscles that have not been used for knitting and daily life. Pinching the needle to pull it through the fabric gave me a sore nail bed. Seriously. It's fine now and didn't stop me from quilting one bit. I just kept saying, "wow, this is making my thumb nail sore." Dope. So far, so good. Working on my stitch consistency and getting alot of help from the boys. Andrew thinks the quilt in the hoop is something for him to lay on, until it falls off the frame and dumps him. Beau likes the tent it makes for him to lay underneath. Happiness for everyone.

On the knitting front the aran is buzzing right along. With all the rain and thunderstorms and Olympic viewing fiber manipulation is the only thing getting done.
I'm not a big watcher of the Summer Olympics. It's the heat factor so if I am going to watch it usually has something to do with swimming. The whole behind the scenes stuff with gymnastics has turned me off of that. What really happens to these children when they don't perform as expected? I shudder at the thought. But don't mind me, I'll just sit here, knitting and quilting. GO TEAM USA!

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