Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Multi Talent

I knew when Andrew was a kitten that he had a love of all things crafty. He also knows quality from, well, non-quality. Sock yarn isn't safe and he will rewind a hank if he feels it's not just right. I'm sure he feels I need the challenge. Well duh!, put it where he can't get it. Easy for you to say, he's eaten through bags, opened storage bins (I had to block them with full containers of litter, empty buckets were a waste of time)untied canvas bag handles tied into knots. He is a master. Don't even insult him with a skein of acrylic yarn. Won't even give it sniff. Just look at that face. All business that one.

Here he is marking my quilt top. I guess my markings were not up to his expertise-so noted.

He has offered several times to hold the quilt and the ruler down. I was unaware that chewing on the hanging button was part of the correct process. I can't say it helped draw a straight line but who says it has to be straight? He also feels the amount of cat hair now on the quilt will only make it warmer.

With all this help and guidance I shouldn't have any concerns about keeping warm this winter-regardless of the price of fuel. The sweater not only has 100% merino but 100% cat hair knitted right in. Mmmmmm. Toasty.
The daisies were positively glowing last evening. Their days are numbered. I may have created another inner monster with this bead introduction. I'm not a jewelry wearer but I don't think that should stop me from creating, should it? No! [I became a nail technician and didn't (and still don't) give a hoot about nails. It was a lucrative 2nd job, I was good at it but it burned me out.] I think the world needs another jewelry designer....

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