Friday, October 10, 2008

Birthday Week

It's October, it's fall, it's.......coming up to Birthday Week! I take the week off from work. Think it's a bit odd? I worked with a guy that celebrated his birthday month. His boss was flexible I guess.
I have stuff I want to do and stuff I have to do. Stuff I want to do will win out's Birthday Week.
  • I want to sit down and finish my vest. I'm done with the main section and have cut the steeks. I'm slowly knitting on a six stitch I-cord.
  • I want to start another quilt. I'd like to incorporate my love of Gustav Stickley and Frank Lloyd Wright designs into the next quilt. Not the two together but something linear.
  • I want to create some jewlery pieces. My interests have turned to wire jewelry, more specifically pieces created with jump rings. If you pop over to the David Chain site you'll see what I'm aspiring to do. Someday. If I practice alot.

I've got quite a week cut out for myself. It's Birthday week, I can do what I want!

1 comment:

yarnpiggy said...

Happy Birthday Week! :-) I'll look forward to seeing some pictures of your work.