Friday, October 03, 2008

The Ride Home Can Be Interesting

See these Gals? (no, they're not vultures, they're wild turkeys.) On my way to work in the morning the same gang had me to stopped whilst they decided which side of the road they wanted to be on. They came close to getting a horn toot because a few were very indecisive. By the afternoon they had gathered just off the road (different section) for a late afternoon stroll and snack. There was one Tom but he was camera shy and walked off into the woods.


Brisk morning. The first wool sweater was donned this morning and being the true New Englander that I am I wore shoes with no socks. A sweater and barefoot. Oh, and driving gloves. I didn't have to scrape the windsheild of ice but did have to remove moisture from all windows so I could see where I was driving. Bring it on!

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