Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Was Just Wondering

I was standing in the checkout line of my LYS behind a woman who was purchasing buttons. She wanted to exchange buttons she had bought and for the 10 minutes I stood behind her I was still unclear as to the reason why. So was the clerk. They were too blue or too green. She traded the buttons for the exact same ones only more of them. I believe she purchased 15. When the clerk-of-unbelievable-patience put them in a bag, Button Woman was very concerned they were going to get scratched. This is when I groaned, "you've got to be kidding" a little too loud. The woman behind me snorted. The clerk noted the buttons were in the bag by themselves but she would staple it together. This appeased Button Woman. Why? I don't know, they were still going to rub against each other. And just so you know, the buttons were a 1/2 inch flat, four hole simple variety, nothing artsy or fancy.
My question is, if you're putting the buttons on a sweater, which Button Woman was, are they not going to get scratched from natural circumstances of sweater wearing? Maybe her acquaintances are extremely critical of her work and whip out their magnifying glass to count scratches on her buttons. Get that close to my buttons on the sweater I'm wearing and your gonna get poked in the eye more than likely. But that's just me, the touchy type.
I'd have a pic of an unblocked vest for y'all but the camera needed a recharge before I can take a blurry picture to post. I whipped up another pair of socks during Birthday Week and have a scarf on the needles now. "They" are predicting a bit of snow for Western Mass tomorrow. The leaves haven't fallen off my trees! I'm not ready yet.

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