Monday, July 13, 2009

A Day In Vermont & Massachusetts

Lunch at the Marina in Brattleboro, VT. Perfect day, lovely view and the Portabello/brie sandwich was yummy. The day started out at The Vermont Country Store in Rockingham. A fun place to travel back in time and laugh at the stuff you used to play with as a kid and everything else Vermonty. Much cheese grazing was included.
Back in Western Massachusetts this Cedar Waxwing held still long enough for a photo op along the bike path on the Connecticut River.
And the Newly Finished Bartons Cove Zippy, so named because it's first assignment was a stroll in the cool evening air. It's cotton but this pic makes it look chenille/velour/velvet. Hmm.
It's been the best July weathah evah. I'd be a happy new englander if the temps stayed in the 70's but we know THAT'S not gonna happen. Humidity and 90 degree temps are lurking around the corner.

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