Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Monday and 90 degrees

With my lack of gardening skills I almost don't want to show off my jalepanos for fear the locusts will find out and wipe the smirk off my face. It's not like the rain hasn't tried to drown everything.
These were a surprise...the squirrel must have buried pumpkin seeds from last fall. BONUS!
The lilies are liking the humid weather...
And Mr. Bee kept busy.
I have been sporting a new camera now for a couple months. I have attended a few people gatherings and become discouraged with blurry outcomes of the photos. After another dismal showing from a bridal shower yesterday I found it beneficial to hunker down and read the instruction book instead of camera blazing. Hence the bee pic. If I can manage a semi non-blurry bee in action photo, a father/daughter wedding dance is possible. Good thing I have plenty of weddings to attend this year and next. My 35mm was WAY to forgiving.
Knitting? Why yes, I finished the sleeves on mystery plain vanilla. At least that will sit still while I photoshoot it.

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