Wednesday, July 08, 2009

It's All About The Weather

It's rained so hard the plants under cover are dripping.
Clouds are so low in New Hampshire you can almost touch them.
Last night a thunderstorm felled a tree onto wires in Gill and blew out the phone system to the whole town of Northfield. Made for an interesting day at work. Calls came in but you couldn't call out. (if only it could have been in reverse)It was so bizarre it drew not one but TWO TV news stations to report on it. Some would say it was a slow news day....
By the way, if you don't have phone service (and no alternative communication device like, um, er, me)here are a couple helpful rules:
1. get to somewhere that does and call the PHONE COMPANY or possibly the emergency services for your area, not Town Hall. Besides, if you and your neighbors don't have phone service after a nasty T-Storm, chances are Town Hall phones aren't working either. Trust me, there is nothing magical about the phone system in the Town Hall. It works the same as yours and is probably alot older.
2. And please, if you come in to report your phone isn't working and the staff tells you Town Hall's and the rest of the town isn't either, don't look at them disgusted and say, "Tuh, so WHEN is it going to be fixed?" See rule one? Go directly to the source. I've always found that the best way to get the most accurate information.
There ya go. It will save me from trying to blow you up with my mind.
Late breaking addition:
Here's what WWLP and that cutie Shane Symolon reported:

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