Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's Not Good Cat Weather

It's not good cat weather. That's what I tell the boys when it's raining and they want to go outside. It's what I tell them when it's extremely hot out there. Truth is, they don't care. Truth is, it's not good human weather. I miss my 70 degree July days with a lovely breeze and my 50 degree nights where a fan blowing on me is not necessary. I'd like that weather back please.
And I'd like my plain black cotton vanilla sweater to stop mocking me. I swatched for gauge. I counted, I recounted. (several times. Not easy, this yarn has a nubby quality without nubs. Figure that one out.)I wound up with a sweater 2" larger around than calculated. I love oversized sweaters but it still pisses me off. The T-neck There is no "body" to this yarn. I didn't care for it when I started and it didn't change my mind in process. (it drags on the needles, hurts your hands, and I was using Addi Turbos...can't get a slicker needle than that.) I don't know what this yarn is better suited for...scarf? shawl? cat toy? I'll probably wear it all the time. Stupid sweater.

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