Monday, March 01, 2010

Cleaning the Stash

After the Knitting Olympics project was finished, I was officially stash busted of worsted weight wool in a single color in one dye lot. It was time to clean out the stash from bits of this and blobs of that. I also decided to be a big girl and attempt the very last style of top down knitting from Ms. Walker's book that has incited fear in me for years: The Round Yoke. As with the top down set in sleeve, the round yoke was a breeze. Gawd, what took me so long.

The only part that caused pause was how many stitches to appoint to each section once I got to the underarm. I referred back to the raglan section, applied some logic and gave it my best shot. So far everything fits. I'm hoping the sleeves aren't too roomy. I'll make notes for next time. (I say that then I never do.)
The pattern is straight out of my head as I knit and as you can see not much was in my head at the time. There was some fudging here and there as I didn't bother to count how many stitches I had to work with. Seems to have worked out. I'm hoping the increase "lines" disappear after blocking.

To be perfectly honest, part of the reason I haven't attempted this style is because I don't like them. In my opinion, these style sweaters look best on folks with broad shoulders and for those of us who don't have broad shoulders they accentuate the problem. I also shy away from "busy" garments as a personal preference. I've seen and admired some absolutely fabulous multi stranded sweaters but if I had one I wouldn't wear it. I'm a plain dresser. Plain and Simple. (Those in the know may apply those adjectives to me in areas other than wardrobe.)

I have enough "half a ball of this, 2 hanks of that" to create another yoke style or switch back to a drop shoulder to keep the design on the front and back only. We'll see. April is coming and that means WEBS Anniversary Sale will be here for fresh pickings to restock my stash. My favorite time of the year!

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