Thursday, March 18, 2010

So here's the bottom of The Stash. All the bits and pieces left from projects over the last few years. The round neck isn't bad for a first try but I see room for improvement. If I EVER in my life feel the need to wear camo pants I'll have a sweater that coordinates. As that won't be happening jeans will do.

The cardigan has been designated as the Downstairs Sweater. You know, the one you leave at arms length when New England gets chilly.

Yesterday, the Bike Path resembled 91 North on a ski weekend. Bikes, people, dogs, strollers, rollerbladers (?) out enjoying the over 60 temps. Along the path folks were laying in the sun, filling picnic tables with goodies or just taking in the view of Barton's Cove. Like the first robin sighting there were pastey legged folks in shorts strolling and acting as if the dampness and cool breeze off the water wasn't bothering them a bit--stoic New Englanders. My two mile trek was just as awesome and for the first time in ages I didn't feel like crashing on the couch 2 seconds after getting home from work. This spring thing might just work.

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