Monday, March 01, 2010

Knitting Olympics- Finished

This entry is several days worth to keep progress together in one blog.
At the lighting of the cauldron 68 stitches were cast on. No technical difficulties were experienced.

After the vacuuming and defurring of the Olympic Facility, the program featured short rowing shoulders and advanced into the set-in sleeve. Making good progress and getting ready to bind off for the bottom of the 4" steek in the front, a red flag was thrown. Something was off about the right sleeve. Some deliberation from the judge found a marker had been placed incorrectly causing lopsided increases. Program had to be frogged to where the sleeve cap stitches are picked up, the marker moved to the correct position and the re-knitting commenced. She may lose points from the total score.

A birthday celebration delayed today's event. Providing weather conditions continue to be favorable, no further delays are expected.

At 10:46 am all qualifying heats were finished and the long program (body of sweater) began. Short programs (sleeves and neckline finishing) will follow.

Today's program had a delayed start due to weather conditions (snowstorm slowed down the commute from work to home)and ended at the midway point with shaping completed.

Entering the final laps of the body section with a 2x1 rib to create a clean finish. If the pace continues the program will finish long before the closing ceremony. (will there be a second event?) Time will tell. The Short Progams are still in the wings.
The long program finished today. A solid performance! The Short Program started immediately.

A gusset maneuver was performed to remove bulk and make the underarm comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. The Judge hates a bulky underarm.

The first short program had several venues. A few rounds of competition took place at the dentist's waiting room, a few more at the car wash. Once Christmas dinner (yes, the final installment of Christmas managed to take place.) and gift exchange was complete, the short program reeeeeaaaalllllyyy cranked. Through Curling (U.S. Men won-finally), giant slalom and ice dancing the first of the three short programs was complete. The judge called it a night.

The second short program completed before Apolo Ohno started his quest for a 7th medal. To add to the excitement, the steek was cut, stitches picked up, knit, and the resulting edges sewn into place which started the final short program. The completion of the collar is expected tomorrow.

After two false starts the collar was added finishing the compulsory programs. Up next? Free Style finishes.

The free style program is still being developed.
Another snowstorm has hindered the medal (button) purchasing.
The wet heavy snow continues and has knocked out the electricity to the Olympic Arena several times. Local roadways have been banned from use so no medal shopping today!
After wicked weather delays, extended work hours and a medical procedure for a family member (everyone is fine), a trip to the button shop garnered gold, silver and bronze-ish buttons and ribbon to finish the interior raw fuzzy edges of the steek. Meanwhile, the sweater has been blocked and is ready to receive it's medals (buttons).

The Gold, Silver & Bronze medals have been awarded. Applause from the crowd is deafening!

And so concludes the 2010 Winter Knitting Olympics. It was the thrill of victory and the agony of my butt from sitting and knitting so long. The competition had its tough moments. The marker snafu, the shoveling of heavy wet slop, and the stiff fingers trying to knit in a house that dropped below 60 degrees when the power went out. But that's what its all about, isn't it?
"She's whining about her butt again; we're exhausted from all the Curling."

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