Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm Dyeing

Just when I thought  I was over starting new things I go and sit in on a demo on hand dyeing. Fun, fun, fun! And not a budget killer. In fact, Gail Callahan's, aka The Kangaroo Dyer, gave some excellent eco friendly suggestions during her talk. Her book, Hand Dyeing Yarn & Fleece is reasonably priced and in a great format--the binding is spiral so the book stays OPEN as you work through the steps. The seminar was held at Metaphor Yarns on Rte. 2. (aka Mohawk Trail). It's a beautiful ride any time of the year but especially dazzling in the fall.

Not only did I sit in but I got to play too! I now have a hank of fingering weight yarn hanging to dry. Gail had one of the half dyed hanks from the book's cover and she let me dye the other half. I felt Special. If I worked it out right I will have a pair of green/yellow/orange striped socks, or mittens, or maybe I'll over-dye the whole thing and.....ahhhhhh, a monster is born! Next time you see me I'll have blue/green/red stained hands. Fetching, no?

Another great thing about dyeing yarn is you don't have to be a knitter/crocheter/weaver to enjoy it. You could sell it or gift it to a fiber friend. It's just fun I tell you. Highly recommended. Think its messy? Think again. We worked on a white tablecloth covered with plastic of course, let's not be silly, in an area approximately 36" square. The point being you don't need a huge studio or a lot of gadgets. Children would have a blast and are fearless. We borrowed one from the audience and she did a great job.

The rest of the weekend was spent raking 500 gazillion maple "helicopters" out of the lawn. I've owned this property for 20 years and this is the first time the stupid trees have dropped every. single. helicopter. they possessed. I couldn't move my arms to knit Saturday night. On the upside the temps hit 70 degrees. Deeelightful.

A book/seminar review and whining all in the same post--you lucky ducks.

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