Tuesday, September 14, 2010

70 Degrees

Me weather.

Leaves are turning. (a little early)

Pumpkins are ready. (very early)

Days are shorter.

Nights are cooler.


The cotton "monster" project is ready for the soaking tub. I still love the yarn though it would be hard to tell after all that fussing yesterday. I may have exaggerated just a bit on the perceived width change but the measuring tape does confirm a gauge "swatch vs. actual object" difference. Well, as I said yesterday, if a raglan style works and drop shoulder doesn't, stop creating drop shoulder designs. We all could use a little less whining in the world. And I must edit something I wrote earlier. I called the color mulberry. Actually, it's Purple Haze. What they call mulberry I call fuchsia. Potayyto, potauuuto.

If this lovely "me weather" holds out I think I will continue with my cable mode and hit the wool stash. I collected some great heather colors from the Cascade 220 line during WEBS anniversary sale. The tough decision will be which one for this project.
Another project in the works (it's marinating in a back section of my brain) is a mosaic knitting creation. I picked up Barbara Walker's book on mosaic knitting and though I'm very comfortable doing stranded knitting this looks like a lot of fun.
I'm going to take a walk to the library and enjoy the rest of my day. Wish you all the same.

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