Monday, September 13, 2010


Knitting with cotton. It's making me cranky. I want to knit with cotton so I can throw on a sweater without having to layer it over a turtleneck. The gauge is so inconsistent I'm going to go mad. *Deep Breath*

The simple cotton raglan turtleneck came out great. Need the cooler weather to wear it. (Also need to post a picture.)

The second, more daring project is a drop shoulder tunic with cables and stuff. After finding additional matching dyelot skeins 2 weeks after purchasing the original (always a miracle), I figured this was a good sign. But here's the problem: The bloody thing appears to be growing width wise before my eyes without me adding anything to the width. One armhole is longer than the other. Now that's hard to do knitting from the top down on circulars! Fact is, it's impossible! It has cables and seed stitch so if anything it should pull in not ooze out. Scrolling back in my archives I find this has happened EVERY TIME I DESIGN AND KNIT A DROP SHOULDER STYLE in cotton. What is that saying about the definition of insanity? Repeating the same thing and expecting a different outcome?  I'm sticking a large note in my design book to remind me to stop the insane behaviour.
Oh well, at least multiple family members can wear it. All at once. You'll see.

We're still starving for rain. Lovely rain clouds stroll across the sky and leave us nothing. This can't be good.

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