Friday, September 17, 2010

Moving On

It's finally the end of the week! Seemed long didn't it? Time to put together the weekend list. A trip to the ophthalmologist to have a new set of lenses installed; attend soapbox derby conveniently taking place in my neighborhood; introduce my new reciprocating saw to the unwieldy forsythia;scrape, sand and paint the front steps and work in a couple Colin Firth movies for knitting time. Sounds like a plan.
Now, moving on, we have finished projects and unexpected stash finds....
Buttah, the Knits Like A Dream sweater. I've worn this a few times already. The temps have been in the 70's and damp-ish, perfect. Easily went from the office to a pair of jeans.
Purple People Eater. Okay, not as wide a  boat but off the mannequin or human life form it still looks ginormous. Optical illusion.
I know I said I was going to the stash to find a worsted wool to cable and twist but, I became distracted and giddy all at once when I found this bag of Eco wool. I forgot about it. It's next on the radar.
In another stash drawer was a bag of Valley Yarns Goshen in Dark Olive. Quelle surprise! Feels a little different than the other two. I don't know why it feels different but it looks quite nice so far. I've learned my lesson. Raglan. More on this later.
Andrew says, "When are you going back to spinning? I haven't had anything decent to play with for months!"

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