Monday, September 20, 2010

Well That Was Short

I ran out of weekend.
I ordered the lenses. I attended the soapbox derby. Fell a little short on the rest of the list. Oh well, the forsythia's not going anywhere and neither are the stairs.
I did have an unscheduled plumbing problem that has not been resolved. My kitchen sink is clogged. I'm doing dishes in the tub. It's just not right. I'm hoping Mr. Plumber will stop by today to make things right.
I knitted and watched a painful Patriot's game.

Does this look dark olive green to you? No. You'll have to use your imagination.

The no-hole double increase. Nice to know after knitting all these years I can still learn new tricks.

Sunday, before the pitiful football game, I spent the afternoon attending our very first annual Soapbox Derby. Very successful!

Piggy was one of two crashes. Took a bale of hay to the snout and broke the back wheel. Better luck next year! There were good eats and a great turn out. Many of the "kids" participating were well over 30.  Looking forward to the 2nd annual event.

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