Monday, September 27, 2010

Could Someone Slam On The Brakes?

Everyone knows my favorite month is October and my favorite season is fall. Isn't it amazing they occur at the same time? I'm sure it was part of the Master Plan.
We have a slight problem this season. Fall is occurring NOW. Four weeks ahead of time. Folks plan their vacations around leaf season in New England and this year it's all messed up. By the time the normal peak week gets here we'll have bare trees. Mother Nature is going to cause an economical glitch. Halloween is going to be pumpkin-less. They were ready two weeks ago. Seriously, Someone needs to hit the brakes.


I have a number of projects going which is quite unusual. There's the Simple Shawl. (I'm on the border, six chart rows to go!), the striped cotton sweater from all the leftovers, and the alpaca fingering weight (feels more like lace weight, but whatever) that I'm picturing with pleats somewhere down the road. The bulky Eco wool is on standby because I need the needles from the shawl project. Six more chart rows! I toyed with the idea of putting the shawl on standby but with so little left to do.....
Oh well, it is what it is. The leaves will color and fall when they want. The projects will get done. We will all carry on.

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