Friday, April 07, 2006

It's Been One of Those Weeks...

Lately I get up in the morning, sometimes earlier than I need to just so I can knit a few rounds before I go to that place. You know, that place, that sucks the life out of you but provides the money to make your mortgage payment and buy more yarn and knitting toys. I can't wait to get home so I can pick up the needles again, zone out, and only communicate with the yarn, needles, row counter etc., and the greatest thing about the yarn, needles and row counter is that they seem to be capable of taking care of themselves, they don't ask the same idiotic questions over and over or flame off at you because they're having a bad day. These things don't treat you inhumanely or expect praise because they provide health benefits. No, they don't. They are always there, except when Bailey had hidden them in the couch cushions or moved them because they look better over there. Can you tell? It's been a bad week. And the worse it gets the more I want to pull out my traveling sock project from under my desk and knit it all away.

On to more positive thoughts
The poncho is coming along. I'm a little nervous of the neckline. You see, I was a good little knitter and made a swatch, washed and dried it and it lost quite a bit of length and width so I cast on according to the swatch. Hmmm, the neckline seems a bit wide but, I must trust my swatch. Trust the Swatch, Trust the Swatch...
Mega Boot sock #2 is being cuffed. And I have been investigating knitting LACE! I am so not a lace girl but since mastering the whole sock thing I am absolutely fearless. Bring it on!

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