Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Just Cranking Them out Here

Feet in the air shot! Ansel Adams eat your heart out.

How interesting that the Sockotta socks changed pattern direction and went all zig-zaggy on the 2nd sock. How does it do that?! And some people find this a problem, not me.
Now, next up is Lana Grossa Meilenweit Inca which is a wool/poly blend on size 0 with a 9sts per inch gauge-nice and smooth! I haven't broken any of my bamboos but I just know it's going to happen before I get to the end. Not being negative, I'm positive I'll break at least one. And see, both socks at once to avoid SSS (second sock syndrome). The (vroom-vroom) Addi Turbo Magic Loop is keeping up nicely.

The poncho is on the bottom with the 2 color pattern at the halfway point. This has beentoo slow a process for me. Well, my own fault, I hate having to keep track of counts and this hasn't the short repeating pattern that a fair isle does. No, I had to design the bloody thing to go 24 st stretches so that I have to stop, swing the 2nd color over to carry every 5 sts, bleh, bleh, bleh. So far the results are great but I'll pitch the pattern when done. I have this insane notion that I have to get a project done in a week or less. Need for speed I guess.

I've been reading my Yarn Harlot Knitting Rules! and snickering to myself(non-knitters find this odd-go figure) to find out there are others like me doing things I figured were too bent to be done by "normal" people. I've enjoyed the reading and am looking forward to seeing Stephanie in person this weekend. I've never been to a book signing...

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Kelly said...

Those Meilenweit socks are beautiful!