Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Red Sox & Knitting, It Doesn't Get Any Better!

The day started out grey and damp and got damper and cold so it was the perfect knitting weather. Red Sox game was delayed—more knitting time! And the results?

A bit blurry!

Finished the Mega Boot Stretch socks and had to put them on right away. Swatched the microfiber I’m using for mom’s poncho with the variegated I chose for the design-- that works. (the design on the swatch is not what will be on the poncho) Just haven’t figured how I’m going to work the increases down the front and back and keep the design from looking odd. I see frogging in my future. On the up side--the Red Sox beat the Orioles. (I miss Kevin Millar! ;( )

It’s the cotton blend sock next, no give to these babies. I’m trying the Magic Loop method. Actually, this is the second time I’ve tried this. I bought a lovely 29” bamboo set and started the Mega Boots doing the Magic Loop but when I pulled the tip of the needle forward it came off in my hand. Adding insult to injury the cable end slipped off leaving the stitches behind. Fortunately I had gotten past the short rowing and was plain knitting when my gear malfunctioned. Those will be going back from whence they came. I have to say, that would never happen with dpns. I have acquired another 29” set of circs and as you can see, so far, so good.
They're predicting sunny weather here in Massachusetts tomorrow, darn, that means no excuses not to do yardwork until the Sox come on at 2:30p!

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