Thursday, July 17, 2008

Missed Wednesday, It's Thursday

Not that Wednesday was extraordinarily unruly but time got away as usual.

Today is mom's birthday.

Andrew helped her open her present-that cat can smell sock yarn a mile away. As a new sock knitter she was very excited. There's no photo cuz she was in her jammies and well, we have a rule at chez Miss Sandra, if your hair looks like you combed it with your pillow there will be NO photos.

I did zap a couple of my w.i.p. I swear this camera is on auto-blur.

Meet zip up cardi. When zipped to the top it will have a stand up turtleneck. I still need to get the proper length zipper. One thing bothers me. The colors are bright, summery, perfect for warm weather wear. What's bothering me is that it's worsted weight wool. Not perfect for warm weather wear. Is it going to look odd in the fall & winter? Apparently I think so. It fits perfect. No jog joins thanks to several websites and Ravelry tips on the subject. I'm one of those -NO WEARING WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY kinda New England gals. I'll just have to get over it or find a pair of white ski pants and make a fashion statement. Not like I've never done THAT before! Bev-stop laughing, I can hear you.

For some cosmic reason I made extra wide hem facings and it made quite a difference on how the sleeves and bottom hem hang. Good for me!

After reading Brooklyn Tweeds blog on tubular cast on I was quite intrigued so I investigated more. Definitely will give that a shot the next time I do a "bottom up" sweater.

I have to get everything cleaned up in the office today before I escape for a week. I am so looking forward to it I can't tell you.

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