Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I'm going on vacation next week and I'm trying to do a weeks worth of stuff in 4 days. I know I'm forgetting something. Not that the town will shut down or anything but the residents always feel so inconvenienced on a daily basis that I really don't wish to listen to additional whining when I get back. I haven't given a thought about what I want to do on my vacation. Just anxious to stay away from the job. I did sign up for tennis lessons that will start during my vacation. Why an over 40 knitting spinster with 2 cats would want to take up tennis is beyond me. I will take to it like I did golf and downhill skiing. I don't golf in the heat, rain, I have nothing to wear or whatever other excuse I can come up with. My lack of athletic enthusiasm shocks me to be quite frank because it's what I lived for prior to the knitting obsession. My car trunk holds all my sports equipment and clothing. I live in "outdoor recreation valley", bike path, cove for boating/fishing, hiking trails, cross country skiing...it's embarrassing! The fact that I have all this and I prefer to sit on my beehind manipulating wool--never would have crossed my mind 20 years ago. I have a school friend who just completed hiking 160 miles on the Long Trail in 16 days with her son and all I could think of was: "I couldn't go THAT long without full bathroom services." The visual of my hair without its daily shampoo/blow dry ritual...Heck, I couldn't go a day at this point. (well I could but don't WANT to. Oh my, this isn't helping.) I've got a whole week to tune up my 10-speed and hit that bike trail. Do you know where this bike has been? When I bought it I had it rigged with every bag available and rode it constantly. I used to travel to Galilee RI and get on the ferry to bike around Block Island. I would pack up my art supplies when I was in college and trek from Turners to Greenfield--EVERY DAY! (I hated taking public transportation that much.) Now where did I put my helmet?

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