Monday, July 07, 2008


(this post will make no sense if you don't read the last one-just warning you.)
Now I have 3 shrubs shorter than the rest so we've kicked goofy looking front facade up another notch. Lawn maintenance was the order of the long holiday weekend in my neighborhood. Not a day went by without someone crankin' up the lawnmower or weed wacker to shatter the silence. Even the kid next door (30 year old that acts about 12) who allows the grass to grow 8" before doing a mow got his licks in late yesterday evening. Haying is more the word for it. But anyhoo...
My current Large project is a cardigan with a challenge: a zipper front. Why that strikes fear into me I do not know. I conquered cotton steeks for pity sakes! And if the zipper thing turns into a fiasco I can always do a button band. There, that should calm things.
It's kitty flea drop application time and the boys HATE it! It's the only time they run away from me and hide. I've never had any problem with my other cats. Beau walks around after the treatment squinting his eyes as if I put acid on him and the fumes are too strong for him to open them normal. Yes, I've checked the skin to make sure it's NOT burning them and it's fine. There must be a smell to it that I can't perceive but they can. I try to reason with them about the whole lack of flea business but has anyone had any success reasoning with a cat? They get over it, so do I.
I need to go buy a zipper.

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