Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Never ceases to amaze me. With all the cushions, rugs and a cat condo, the porch rail at 3" wide with one claw in the screen for support is the best sort of nap. Yes, Beau is sound asleep. I caught his head as it rolled off the rail but couldn't grab the camera AND cat to get that photo.
He woke up enough to readjust and allow me to go back to whatever menial thing I was doing.
Primarily it's sock knitting and sweating. There, my life in a nutshell. Every time I attempt to do something extraordinary outside like shrubbery trimming or weeding, the sky turns black, thunder rolls, I put away my toys and go inside. My front facade looks rather goofy with one shrub 6" shorter than the rest. Hard to tell what was trimmed on the rhododendrum but, there you go. I have 4 more to do. I have been a victim of weather.

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