Monday, July 28, 2008

What I did on My Summer Vacation

A week away! Nothing planned so anything my little heart desired and weather permitting I did.

This was a double rainbow. Much prettier in real time, you can barely see it here.

A pair of socks with broken rib stitch pattern. Yarn-Plymouth Happy Feet. This pattern stitch can take up a bit of yardage-looks harmless enough though I'm glad I didn't start the pattern from the toe, the calf bit would have been too short for me.
Did some sewing and turned this into:
this! And if you look very closely to the glider in the background you will see Andrew lounging. My cats nap outside. How odd. They had a rather harrowing experience with a young german shepard on the loose. Andrew's tail never looked so big around before. Practically angora! It's all good, mom was there to shoo the offending pooch away. Back to the quilt, it started as a wall hanging. It now fits across a full size bed. My gameplan is to hand quilt maple leaves on the patches and a linear design along the borders. That'll take a while!
I'm happy to report that my bike still functions and we made it halfway on the bike path before we had to high-tail it back home due to --ANOTHER THUNDERSTORM. I know, hard to believe. I thought my legs were made of sawdust when I got off but relatively no muscle soreness. Tennis also went well and have another lesson tonight. Oh, I almost forgot!

Fireworks for the Christmas in July celebration held by the Boat Club at Barton's Cove. A view from my front porch, how convenient!

And that's how I spent my summer vacation.

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