Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tennis Anyone?

I'm progressing positively with my tennis game. If I could get more of my serves OVER the net it would be better for my game. And if my opponents are keeping track all they need to do is force me to use my backhand and they're guaranteed points in their favor, but I'm not discouraged. The Williams sisters have nothing to fear-yet.
A new knitting project has arisen due to not being able to find one of my sweaters. My aran has hidden itself so I won't carry out the threat of removing the neckline for a redo. I also said rude things about the wool always looking dingy no matter how many times I soak it so it's feeling abused I'm sure. I made up the pattern myself featuring honecomb, rope and crab cables which all conveniently twist on the same row and will reuse said pattern for my new sweater. Instead of traditional off-white I'm using a blue heather Cascade 220. I didn't bother to take a pic of two rows, I'll save that for later. The two sweaters will look different (if the orginal ever shows up again.) due to the fact that the original was knit from the bottom up and the new one is being constructed from the top down. Only the crabby cables will be the tell.
With all these finished socks and sweaters I'm looking forward to cooler weather. Not that I want summer to end just yet but a week of day temps in the 70's and nights in the 50's wouldn't be so bad would it? It could even thunderstorm every 6 hours like it has been if it wants. I did spot a red maple leaf this morning-a little reminder of what is to come.

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