Thursday, November 06, 2008

Don't Blink, You'll Miss It

I have the oddest Burning Bush. When all the other burning bushes are flaming red, mine remains green. I wait and wait. And then, within 24 hours, it turns red and the leaves fall off. I took this picture this morning. By the time I get home this evening at least half of the leaves will be gone. I swear it's an offshoot of the Whomping Willow from Harry Potter.

It used to be conical shaped but I clopped the top off of it this summer. It's going to get more shaping next spring because it's getting too wide. Why is it in the middle of the lawn? Well, when I bought the house it had an old brick path leading from the back steps straight down to where that bush is then it turned to the left to a little storage shed behind the garage. My neighbor tells me there was a grape arbor over the path at one time. By the time I got it most of the path had been overgrown with lawn. I planted the bush at the inside corner. The shed fell down during the first winter. I dug up the brick and reused it for a tiered white garden. That left the bush smack in the middle of the backyard. It has it's advantages. If I'm out back on the swing I'm out of sight from the neighbors and passersby on the street. I like my privacy. But enough of that.

I see from my email from WEBs they have some Cascade 109 on their closeout specials. I like tweedy yarn and it's bulky which equals quick. I may have to toddle down there to give it the tactile test. I could use a new throw.

It's one of those cold, damp fall days. I think instead of being in this drafty old building I'd be happier at home with one cat snuggled beside me, the other sprawled on the headrest of my chair, a cup of chai tea and the Gryffindor cardi. Oh, and watching those Rock Solid guys on DIY. Yes, I'd be much happier.

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