Monday, November 24, 2008

Let The Season Begin

The holiday season cannot possibly start without a trip to Yankee Candle Village. Younger sister and niece came up from NJ. Here they examine ornaments around a gigantic Christmas tree. I forget what they call this room. I live minutes away from this. It's like a second home.

I tried "kinnearing" bears in the Enchanted Forest. For no reason mind you, photos are welcome, I just wanted to see what I got. I got more tree than bear. I did manage to scare the crap out of a kid walking by just when the flash went off. It looked like lightening. You should have seen him jump. oops. The Enchanted Forest is dimly lit and forecasts snow every 4 minutes. I have to say it was dead on with the forecast.
At home Beau decided there were critters under the couch.

And they moved down to the other end. (Wild imagination that one.)

Then he came in for his close up.

After the relatives bolted for home I found a WEBS bag behind the couch and in it was a hank of SOCK YARN! WOO HOO! I thought I had busted my stash of sock yarn. Now I really have. The colorway is remniscent of my Brownie uniform. (No I don't still have it... I don't think). Back in 196(blah,blah, blah) we wore brown dresses, socks and beanies with orange accents. Those are the colors in the variegated yarn.
The next holiday gathering will be Thanksgiving and I was dealt sweet potatoes as my assignment. I need to find inspiration...and soon.

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