Monday, November 03, 2008

One More Day To Go

Monday before Election Day. The buzz is getting louder....
Can you hear it?

Noon is the deadline for absentee ballots to be administered.
The Town Clerk's office has been the hub of excitement and whining.
After noon, the place will become eerily quiet. Kind of like the movie "High Noon".
From noon on the calls will come in asking what time the polls open and close.
I took wee breaks from knitting this weekend to create some bling. I'm
not sure the Christmas cactus appreciated it. After all, it has
it's own bling going on.

Andrew wasn't impressed much.
"Mom won't let me knit, won't let me do jewelry. BORING!
"Hey Lucy, come on over. Heat comes out of these holey things
and it's really warm, though, when the hot wind first comes out of them
it scares the bajeevees out of me."

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