Tuesday, November 04, 2008

There's Got To Be A Morning After...

I know, the last thing you want to read about is the election. Well, I'll just update the non-political stuff for you that occurred at Town Hall on election day.

Remember the Pie people? They sold pie outside. It was a gorgeeooouus day. Great for selling pie. They sold alot of pie.

The Bake sale in the downstairs hallway? Sold out. People get hungry standing in line and at 7am cookies are GOOD.

I counted 10 phone calls from people wondering if they were registered to vote. No planning ahead for THOSE people, no-sir-ee.

Did you know if you don't answer your street census you're listed as inactive on the voting registration list? Yup, doesn't mean you can't vote but you have to fill out paperwork proving you live in the town your voting in so save yourself the grief-don't argue with the election clerk and fill out the paperwork they hand you or answer your street census. Wasn't that easy?

Oddest/dumbest (my opinion) question of the day? "Where would I get a map of Greenfield?" (the question was asked in the town hall, which is not in Greenfield.) After staring at him with one eyebrow hitched up and wanting to say, "In Greenfield." I restrained myself from stating the obvious and responded, "Try the Assessors office. They're the only room with maps." Off he went. I'm sure he was very disappointed to find out they only have maps of our town.

Cutest moment: a small child was waiting in the voting line with his parents. He said he was very excited and hoping Barack Obama would be in the voting room when he got there. We all smiled. His parents tried to explain that they didn't think Mr. Obama would be there.

Honking for support. Does it reeaallly do anything for the cause? Is there a special count for "honk if you support...?" Where do they tally those honks? I've never seen a news broadcaster report an election that included: "So & So was trailing by 57% of the votes but s/he won by a landslide with 90% of the honks." No acceptance speeches have included the phrase, "We won this election by a honk!"

Andrew says:
"Now with voting over, will they stop canceling NCIS and House?"

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