Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Back from Plymouth, VT; birthplace of Calvin Coolidge. The dinner was yummy, the weather co-operated. Traffic was nothing until I hit Brattleboro, VT on the way home and even then not horrible. The biggest shock was leaving Massachusetts Thursday morning with the sun shining, the grass green and the temp balmy. The farther north I went the greyer and darker it got and eventually I noticed blobs of white stuff on the sides of the road. Then all non-asphalt areas were coated in snow. When I got to sister's house they had plowed and the driveway was a giant ice sheet. There I go again, wrong wardrobe. I managed not to fall off my 2.5" heels walking with pie and sweet potato casserole. I should know better too, snow starts in October up there. Okemo was open and I could see tiny dark specks skiing down the mountain.
I have the Town Hall to myself today and quite frankly it's spooky in here. We all know it's haunted. Doors open and close upstairs but there are no footsteps. That hasn't happened today --yet.
I think I'd rather go home and finish my fingerless mitts.

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