Monday, June 22, 2009

More of The Same

The rain keeps coming and I keep knitting. Didn't even give this one a decent blocking, just a bit of steam and threw it on. I like it when that happens.
I had purchased a few security skeins of this yarn but didn't need them. The are now being transformed into a baby sweater for the stock pile. There are 3 babies in the near future so it won't marinate long.

I have the most incredibly colored rose bush. It's producing quite a few blossoms this year as I was smart enough to protect it from those blessed beetles that like to munch on it. I wasn't quick enough for the lilies and their leaves are riddled with holes.
The last old screen on the porch was replaced, front porch primed, lawn mowed, some of the shrubbery was trimmed (I stop at using electric pruning devices in the rain) and bathroom wall that needed repairing got the final coat of plaster. Now it's my turn to put on the finishing touches. Even with all the rain we kept busy.

"It can rain all it wants. I have my pillow and the remote, life is good."

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