Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Weekend WrapUp

The perfect New England weekend weather made for a busier than usual two days. It started with a stop to Home Depot to feed my gardening itch. After years of planting tomatoes just to be crushed by black spot plague, I'm going to try cayenne and jalapeno peppers. So far, so good.The rest of the foliage in the yard is just BUSTIN'!"Poppies... Pawwwwwpeeeees"
A bit of knittin' was fit in. A slight design change on the pullover. Out of shear laziness I opted for a boatneck-line instead of the rounded originally planned. It's all good, the cotton will stretch like it always does and end up rounded anyway.

As I was picking up around the house I corralled the cats favorite toys. A package of Cosmic Catnip with the cover duct taped on and holes punched all over. The small holes are teeth marks. You have to be careful when you're in the area they're playing with this because they hook their claws into the duct tape and fling it. I've been binged more than once. The other is a new favorite. The worn out belt to my upright vacuum cleaner. Gobs of fun. They won't touch a real store bought cat toy designed more for human enjoyment.
I didn't say it was an exciting weekend.
"She's not a fahma, that's for sure but she's tops in the toys department!"

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