Monday, June 01, 2009


To bore the bajeevees out of you that follow along, I've decided to make a conscientious effort to journal the current w.i.p.
Aside from the essentials of calculator and measuring tape, I have a few additional "must haves" to complete The Process.
First, raw material that has marinated in the stash for anywhere from 2 hours to months and months is selected. Most of the time, inspiration hits like the smell of bacon. Other times, the design appears on the fly. The only thing decided is the basic sweater shape, be it raglan, drop shoulder, set in sleeve--whatever.

The calculations start, with a swatch, and yes, swatches LIE. On this project I am bypassing said swatch--(Livin' on the EDGE here)--as I have worked with this yarn before and checked gauge notes of projects gone by. Rudimentary sketch with squiggles that only I know what they mean. As long as I know, that's all that matters.

I confer with Andrew the Cat of All Knitting Knowledge, and if he feels comfortable, he settles in for a nap.

Once the project is on the needles, more scribbles pretending to be notes land on the paper.

Beau stays close to keep an eye and lends a gentle paw to the shoulder for guidance when it gets a little tricky.

It's always good to have some entertainment, (though with two cats why would I need more?), so a movie selection is necessary. For today we're watching "The Bandwagon" with Fred Astaire. The weakest selection of the 4 dvd's listed. It has its moments. My favorite of this group is "Singing In The Rain", but I digress and you're not here for a movie review. Maybe we'll save that for later.

And there you have it. After a few hours progress is made, the gauge is ON SPOT and the cats go to bed.
Over the weekend I finalized Stashbuster Half Zip. Here it is in a unblocked state. There are a few more ends to weave in and finishing touch to the zipper. I do that after it's blocked. Are you impressed the thin blue line matches up on the body and arms? So am I!

Andrew found a new nap box on the back porch.
The weekend was filled with pollen. Fortunately I was granted a few reprieves with rain knockin' it out of the air. The paver patio I installed a few years back needed some TLC and thanks to Dean and Derek on Rock Solid and their helpful hints I made the repairs without the angst that I had no clue what I was doing. It looked good too. My new favorite tool is a rubber mallet.

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