Wednesday, June 03, 2009

That's Not A Bird

So I'm driving to work along a lovely country road where the wildlife for the most part gives you that "Ahhhh" moment. Note I said for the most part. This morning, my approach to a dark object in the middle of the road registered as a crow. No, it's a plastic garbage bag (darn litterers). WHOA! It's a skunk! Looking at me. With his tail in the FIRE position. I didn't care WHO was behind me I slammed on the brakes. After what seemed like an eternity Mr. Skunk continued his walk across the road and I high tailed it outa there. I didn't get close enough to see if he was rabidly foaming at the mouth(are you kidding?) and he appeared to walk a straight line but again, I didn't hang around to analyze. A mile up the road things went back to "Ahhh" when a bunny appeared and in the field a white tail deer flipped her tail. This I can handle and enjoy on my way to and from work as I've said before. But there must not be drama before my morning cup of tea.
By the way, the back of my yet unamed project is done to the arm hole. I was rudely stopped in progress because I am out of markers and yeah, yeah, I could have used bits of other yarn, blah, blah, blah, I hear you. I didn't feel like it OKAY? Gives me an excuse to hit WEBS (America's Yarn Store ya know) Thursday night to snort fiber fumes. If that plan falls through I may hit the local hardware store for teeny weeny rubber "o" rings. I have no intentions of letting my plan fall through.
"She can't see me hiding in the garden"

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