Monday, June 29, 2009

Where The Weekends Are Killing Me

Between the partiers in the neighborhood and the plague I'm not sure which will take me out first. The latest party broke through the cold med coma. This cold is spinning around my head like the low pressure front over New England just soaking us to the shins in rain. Some positive reinforcement would be helpful. It was such a sad weekend with all the celebrity losses. When Billy Mays yelled I listened. Michael Jackson never ceased to amaze good or bad. Farrah Fawcett fought like so many others attacked by cancer. And tossing those sweepstake mailings in the trash won't have me apologizing to Ed McMahon.
As I hacked my way through the weekend, repairing screens, trimming shrubbery(it stopped raining for a few hours on Sunday) and laundry I got through the weekend. I didn't knit a whole lot but got a chunk done. You'll see.

"Momma didn't think my new kitty door design was gonna work for her. She's such a control freak."

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