Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weather Review

Last year at this time, thunder storms were a daily event. You planned your day by checking with the next one was scheduled. This year has been a bit slower--so far. We did have the weather scanner alarm go off every half hour between 1 and 4pm yesterday will tales of impending doom--hail, flash floods, etc. In real time we had a mild storm and soft rain. The kind of storm I like to fall asleep to. Since I had an evening meeting to stay alert for, taking a snooze was out of the question. I was already having attention span problems due to allergies making me miserable and not getting a full night's sleep. Boo Hoo. Throw that lullaby of a thunder storm in and I was struggling. I had forgotten to pack my extra curricular (read: socks) knitting to keep me in some form of consciousness. The lights in the town hall flickered and the constant drip of water banging the top of my air conditioner helped keep me alert. Make that annoyed and alert. I keep meaning to bring something to put on top of the a/c unit but never think of it until it starts to rain or the office above me puts on their unit and leaks water. Bang, bang, bang
The meeting was long and tedious and I yearned to yell, "I'm hungry and I've got knitting to do, could ja move along here?!?" Instead I kept looking at my watch which seemed to have little to no effect either. I finally made it home to knit a few rounds then head off to bed to listen to the loud and obnoxious party of 20 somethings down the street. I finally closed my window, turned on my thunderstorm cd (seriously), fell asleep and found out this morning the partiers had all been arrested for being loud, obnoxious, well, being themselves. We'll see if it has any effect for the weekend parties by the same group.
And so it went and so it goes.

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